Environmentalist(s) of the Yearin association with

The Jersey Bat Group

The Jersey Bat Group have been nominated for Environmentalists of the Year in this year’s Pride of Jersey Awards.

The independent charity promotes educational awareness and research into the Island’s bat population.

‘Bats have a very negative connotation, which is completely undeserved,’ said Piers Sangan, who nominated the group. ‘They play a vital and important role in our ecosystem. The work the Jersey Bat Group does is so important for protecting bats now and for future generations to come.’

The organisation has no permanent staff and is run entirely by volunteers, who give talks, lead walks and undertake surveys at night. ‘These walks, talks and events raise money to fund research and promote the work they do,’ said Piers. ‘Over the past five years, the research done by the Jersey Bat Group has increased the known number of bat species in the Island from 11 to 18. They have also confirmed the presence of bats roosting in trees and highlighted the need for greater awareness and protection for this important roost site.'

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