Customer Service Employee of the Yearin association with

TAF Tyre & Exhaust Centre

Nominee: TAF Tyre & Exhaust Centre

Nominated by: Stevie Ocean

FOR over 50 years TAF Tyre & Exhaust Centre in St Helier has served the Island in what one customer calls ‘well beyond normal service’.

Stevie Ocean, who has been a frequent user of TAF’s services throughout the years, and most recently went to TAF when his car battery died, said in his nomination: ‘My car couldn’t move so I phoned TAF and spoke to a member of staff who sourced a battery replacement.’ 

He says that the team worked ‘quickly’ and that the service was ‘excellent’.

‘The following day they came round with a new replacement battery and took the dead one away.’

Mr Ocean was so thankful for the service he received from the ‘friendly and understanding’ team at TAF, that he rang them up to thank them the next day.

‘People expect to get good service, but this was simply exceptional, and it was done very quickly indeed.

‘I want to thank all the staff of TAF, and appreciate all they did. They’re a good team of workers. You go into some places and they’ll give you the time of day but won’t chat to you; whereas TAF are a team you can talk to.’

By nominating them for this award, Mr Ocean hopes that he can encourage others to spread the word when they receive good customer service, as word-of-mouth can be a good advertisement for local businesses.

‘I think we need to acknowledge when businesses do good things, rather than not do anything. When people get good service, they say “thanks very much” but they can go a lot further than that.

‘If you want good service and a very reasonable price and quick service, I can happily recommend TAF to you.’

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