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Cheryl Dolbel

Nominee: Cheryl Dolbel

Nominated by: Matt Johnson, Lucy Nicolaou & Sara Crocker

CHERYL Dolbel’s ‘incredible commitment’ to families has led to her nomination for Community Champion of the Year.

Ms Dolbel is family liaison manager at Family First, a charity that supports the families of ill children who require treatment out of the Island. 

Matt Johnson, one of Ms Dolbel’s nominators, said that since the 

charity’s launch last year, Ms Dolbel and Family First had helped 

‘countless families of sick children manage and cope with social, emotional and financial needs at such times of hardship’.

Mr Johnson added: ‘Cheryl has gone above and beyond to develop this service and has rapidly become not just a vital lead for Family First but has developed Family First into an integral cog within the children’s health service in Jersey.’

Ms Dolbel was also nominated for this award by Lucy Nicoloau, who echoed Mr Johnson’s sentiments, saying that Ms Dolbel had ‘worked tirelessly’ to develop and manage Family First, and that she was ‘passionate about ensuring families have all aspects of support they need, whether it be financial, emotional, or in relation to logistical matters such as travel or accommodation, at a time that is fraught with stress and worry’.

Ms Nicoloau praised Ms Dolbel’s compassion and ‘natural ability to put families at ease’.

She said: ‘Having shared office space with Cheryl since the Family First service started, I have seen first-hand the amount of work and effort that has gone into making the service what it is today and feel Cheryl thoroughly deserves recognition for her hard work and the impact she has had on our community.’

Ms Dolbel’s third nominator was Sara Crocker, who founded the 

Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation, which funded and set up 

Family First. Mrs Crocker said: ‘Ms Dolbel has exceeded our expectations of what we hoped the service would achieve over the past year, dedicating her time to ensuring each family is looked after.’

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