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The Pride of Jersey awards will recognise the Island's young ambassadors, aged between 16 and 25.

The category will shine a light on those who are pushing themselves and excelling in any field. From a young artist or musician to one who has achieved excellence at college or university, our young adults are our future and many of them are not receiving the recognition they deserve. Their efforts, either at home, in education, on the sports field or even at work, are setting an example to so many others and they should be celebrated.

Reward their hard work, efforts and commitment and nominate them for this special award.

Last year’s winner was Ella O’Connor. Ella underwent operations when she was four and later at 13 in order to be fitted with cochlear implants. Claire O’Connor, Ella’s mother and nominator, said that her daughter had always been ‘really proud of being deaf’ and had worked hard to raise awareness of deaf issues in the community. Ella has passed her Level 2 certification in childcare at Highlands College, and recently entered full-time employment as an activity coach at Les Ormes, while also working as a youth worker in St Lawrence.


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