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THE type of neighbours you have can really make a difference.


This award could be for someone who has done anything from the extraordinary to the very simple, or someone who has cared for their neighbours, helped them keep their neighbourhood safe or simply made a positive difference in their community. You could be an elderly pensioner, living alone, who is reassured by the fact you have a reliable and trustworthy neighbour close by. Or you might have a very understanding neighbour who is happy to tolerate the busy family home in which you live. No matter where we live in Jersey, we live in a neighbourhood and the people at the heart of those communities should be celebrated.

Last year’s winners were Tim and Angela Hutchings. The couple were described as always on hand to help others in the community despite suffering a huge family loss have won the Neighbours of the Year Award. Tim and Angela Hutchings are ‘just so loving and caring’, said Raluca Kovacs, who nominated them for the award because ‘with people like them we build the right values in the community’. Last Christmas Eve, the Hutchings’ six-year-old daughter, Izzy, who suffered from Pearson syndrome passed away. But despite the hard times they have always been there for their neighbours. Their son, Jake, was the winner of the Child of the Year award.

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