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A SPECIAL award to give grandchildren a chance to say thank-you for all of the love, help and support they receive from their grandparent or grandparents.


The eventual winner(s) could go beyond what is expected of a grandparent, stepping in to help with a family crisis, or simply being there at times of need.


With busy lives, many parents of young children often turn to their parents for help and guidance, and grandparents, who should be enjoying retirement, are often happy to do their bit.


Last year’s winner was Terry Nicholson, a grandfather who always puts others first despite his own personal battle with cancer. Terry is ‘always there for his family’ and currently looks after his wife, Anne, who is seriously ill. As she is not very mobile, Mr Nicholson takes Anne out in her wheelchair so she isn’t stuck inside all day, helps her get dressed, as well as doing all the cooking, cleaning and shopping, and he does it all while battling prostate cancer. Marina Brockbank, who nominated Mr Nicholson, is the best friend of one of his daughters, Emma, and said that he was ‘a hero to his family’. She was described as a truly devoted and awe-inspiring grandmother who cared for her grandchildren when they suffered health problems.

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