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Diversity and Inclusion Champion(s)
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HSBC and 
The Diversity Network

This could be within a business, the public sector, community group or voluntary organisation. Perhaps you know someone who has helped to make everyone feel like part of the team, no matter who they are or where they come from. Or maybe someone you know has really helped to break down taboos around LGBT, mental health, disability, neurodiversity (eg autism, Asperger’s and other variations in the way we think) or another aspect of diversity. Perhaps someone in your organisation has introduced new ways of working that have created better opportunities for career progression and promotion for women and/or employees from minority groups, or maybe they've implemented some really innovative working practices to enable people to have a better work-life balance.

Last years' winner was David Bras. Bras was nominated by Mark Capern, principal youth officer for Jersey Youth Service, who says that the success of LGBTQ+ Youth Jersey is down to ‘David’s drive, energy, motivation and wanting to support LGBTQ young people who are struggling with their sexuality’. The project, which began development three years ago, currently gives equality and diversity workshops to secondary-school students to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ identities in order to decrease the stigma attached to them.


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