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A NURSE, a medic, a member of the emergency services or a carer – someone who has either dedicated their life to helping others, be it in a professional or voluntary capacity, or has gone beyond the call of duty.


The winner could be a carer who has missed out on everyday life in order to look after a loved one, or they may work in the healthcare industry, dedicating their lives to caring for others. They could be a member of one of our emergency services who has been behind a major safety campaign or had an important role to play in a major incident. These people are our guardian angels and their work, often in tough conditions and under immense pressure, deserves recognition.


Last year’s recipient of the award was Laura Douglas. Ms Douglas works at Mont à l’Abbé School, and does extra work for other care providers when she can. She has previously worked in a variety of care settings, including the Le Geyt Centre in St Saviour. She also volunteers with the charity Healing Waves, which takes those with disabilities and health conditions down to the beach so they can safely take part in water sport activities




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